Web Sites (Miscellanea)

The R Project

Rante – The Italian R User Group


The R package lme4 – Fitting and analyzing generalized linear mixed models. The interest group R-sign-mixed-models provides information on mixed effect models and package lme4. Useful suggestions on the GLMM (with a focus on Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) in the following wiki.

The R package spatstat – Analyzing spatial point patterns. Other packages are available for the analysis of spatial data in R (see Task View: Analysis of Spatial Data)

The ggplot2 web site and book. Also, nice examples here (The R Graphics Cookbook).

Cross Validated is a question and answer site focusing on statistics and R.

A short selection of books & manuals 

Seefeld, K, & Linder, E (2007) Statistics Using R with Biological Examples

Burns, P (2011) The R Inferno

Baron, J, & Li, Y (2003) Notes on the use of R for psychology experiments and questionnaires

Knoblauch, K, & Maloney, LT (2012) Modeling Psychophysical Data in R

Faraway, JJ (2002) Practical Regression and ANOVA using R

Psychophysics with R: examples in journal articles

Moscatelli A, Mezzetti M, Lacquaniti F. Modeling psychophysical data at the population-level: the generalized linear mixed model. J Vis. 2012 Oct 25;12(11)

Moscatelli, A, & Lacquaniti, F (2011) The weight of time: gravitational force enhances discrimination of visual motion duration. Journal of Vision, 11(4), 5

Moscatelli, A, Polito, L, & Lacquaniti, F (2011) Time perception of action photographs is more precise than that of still photographs. Experimental Brain Research, 210(1), 25-32. 

Baayen, RH, Davidson, DJ, & Bates, DM (2008) Mixed-effects modeling with crossed random effects for subjects and items. Journal of Memory and Language 59, 390-412.

Kuss, M, Jäkel, K, & Wichmann, F (2005) Approximate Bayesian Inference for Psychometic Functions sing MCMC Sampling. Technical Report. 

Yssaad-Fesselier, R, & Knoblauch, K (2006) Modeling psychometric functions in R. Behavioral Research Methods, 38(1), 28-41


2 Responses to “R”

  1. Another reference discussing LMM by “Kliegl et al.”
    Experimental effects and individual differences in linear mixed models: estimating the relationship between spatial, object, and attraction effects in visual attention


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