R codes

The package MERpsychophysics contains a collection of R functions for the analysis of psychophysical data in R. Now available in the two versions MERpsychophysics.0 and MERpsychophysics.1 (compatible with lme4.0 and lme4.1, respectively).

Algorithms used in MERpsychophysics for PSE and JND, which are not in the lme4 package, are referenced in the following article:

Moscatelli A, Mezzetti M, Lacquaniti F (2012). Modelling Psychophysical Data at the Population-Level: The Generalized Linear Mixed Model. Journal of Vision, 12(11):26, 1-17.

The article is OPEN access. In the web site of the Journal of Vision, you will also find the figures of the article in full-quality and original size. Please, cite the article if using the MERpsychophysics package for your data analysis!

Package STILL (work in progress)


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