R Packages


Tools for the analysis of psychophysical data. This package allows to estimate the Point of Subjective Equivalence (PSE) and the Just Noticeable Difference (JND), either from a psychometric function or from a Generalized Linear Mixed Model (GLMM). Additionally, the package allows plotting the fitted models and the response data, simulating psychometric functions of different shapes, and simulating data sets.

Available on CRAN (stable version) and Github (developing version).

The package MERpsychophysics is the older version MixedPsy. We kept a copy for backward compatibility, however, we will no longer provide support on it.  It is available in the two versions MERpsychophysics.0 and MERpsychophysics.1 (compatible with lme4.0 and lme4.1, respectively).

The algorithms used for the estimate of the PSE and the JND, which are not in the lme4 package, are referenced in the following article:

Moscatelli A, Mezzetti M, Lacquaniti F (2012). Modelling Psychophysical Data at the Population-Level: The Generalized Linear Mixed Model. Journal of Vision, 12(11):26, 1-17.

The article is OPEN access. In the web site of the Journal of Vision, you will also find the figures of the article in full-quality and original size. Please, cite the article if using our packages for data analysis!


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